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Reject Light Pollution – Astronomical Filters(Aug.2,2014)

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The article “astronomical filters—— reject light pollution” was written by him and published in the national famous astronomy magazine “the astronomer” in March 2014.The article illustrate the love and hate entanglements about urban light pollution and astronomical filters.

Below picture,the left first one is Leo Yang, and the right first one is chairman of the amateur astronomers association of yunnan,named Hong Su.This group photo is Leo Yang with his amateur astronomers association members.


“astronomical filters—— reject light pollution” was published on the cover headline of the “Amateur Astronomers”.


The original content:

Light pollution problems put forward by the international astronomical community as early as the 1930 s, they think that light pollution is city outdoor lighting makes the sky shine for astronomical observations of the negative impact.Countries such as Britain and America later called “interference light”, is known as “light pollution” in Japan.The examination and approval of the national science and technology noun authorized committee released to astronomy: the definition of light pollution affect optical telescope can detect the faintest object limit factor.Usually refers to the atmospheric glow above observatory, zodiacal light and background light, the Milky Way city night sky and the starry sky background light effect.I’ll light pollution compared to the brazier, the vast sky, over the brazier, while showing the prosperity and development of the city, but it is often makes lovers look empty it.Deep sky objects taken in the city, generally we all hope to be able to have enough long time exposure, but the background light greatly limit the time of exposure, and after using the filter, selective filtering of light pollution, can effectively suppress the background light, allow enough long exposure time, objects for the launch of a particular wavelength line is still high transparent, through long exposure time, improve the nebula contrast, the details of the nebula.This article just discuss common light pollution suppression filter.