Optolong professionally manufacture optical thin film coating filters since 1999

Manufacturing Capabilities

Customize thin film coating

  • Design coating: Based on clients’ requirements/applications
  • Processing waveband: Ultraviolet, Visible, near infrared, infrared band
  • Processing capability: Vacuum ion assisted coating (IAD), Hard coating
  • Coating types: Bandpass, longpass, shortpass, Anti-reflection, Beamsplitter, dichroic mirror

Coating technology

  • Double-sided polishment substrate, good flatness and parallelism to avoid to halo/ghost image
  • E-Beam gun
  • Ion assisted coating, firm coating film, no wavelength shift
  • Planet wheel coating fixture, wavelength consistency

Dust-free coating workshop & equipment

Optical coating is the key part of finished optical components. There are very strict requirements on environment when coating. Optolong owns class 10000 dust-free workshops. All optical filters are meticulously cleaned, coated and inspected in clean rooms.

  • Coating equipment
  • Mars I 120

Quality Control

Optolong employs advanced spectrophotometers, measuring spectral range 190-3200nm. We perform spectral measurement of every production lot to ensure filters meet specification requirements.

  • Spectrum measurement
  • Shimadzu spectrophotometer
  • PHOTON RT spectrophotometer
  • Laser plane interferometer
  • Collimator
  • Goniometer