Optolong Optics Co., Ltd is the brand owner of Optolong is a manufacturer of fluorescence filters, astronomy filters. We also offer other interference filters like UV filters, visible filters and Near inferred filters, beam splitter, anti-reflection coating, and optical mirrors as an OEM service.

Located in Kunming city in China which is one of the four optics centers and the coating experience of 22 years (since 1999) enables us to design and produce the filters with the most sophisticated spectrum.

We are glad to declare that Optolong has become the first and only non-replaceable brand for astronomical filters in China. Optolong brand is also known as the comparable filters with an international brand by distributor clients around the world.

Five bands bandpass filter L-Pro has gotten the most positive feedback from astronomy photographers, astronomy amateurs. We also manufacture other filters like UHC, H-Beta, O-III, H-Alpha, SII, LRGB, Night Sky H-Alpha are also. Check more info on the astronomy filters page.

Fluorescence filters like FISH products, single-band filters DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Texas Red, GFP, CFP, Cy5 is the other direction of Optolong. Filters we produce are with the dark background and bight signal which is becoming the essential tool for fluorescence instrument manufacturers, universities, and study institutions. We are the first manufacturer who launches fluorescence filters set for FISH products which require more accurate control on the spectrum and overlap in China. Check more product info on the fluorescence FISH filter set.

Optolong is also specialized in manufacturing high volume optical filters for applications like machine vision, analytical instruments, life science, industry detection, and lasers. With the hard thin film coating machine, experienced filters design technician, experienced coater operator, stable control, durable property, a lot to lot consistency, Optolong has become the supplier choice of many international instrument manufacturers.

From prototype to high volume production, Offering thousands of most complex spectrum complex for clients all over the world, Optolong has been insisting on the Company philosophy that not big as an elephant, but small and flexible like a hummingbird. We always pursue supreme quality and client satisfaction.