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Frequently asked questions

Optolong Cube U-MF2 is compatible with various Olympus microscopes, including AX series (AX70), BX2 series (BX41, BX50, BX51, BX60, BX61, BX50/51WI, BX60/ 61) models) and IX2 series (IX50, IX51, IX70, IX71, IX8).
Optolong's Cube U-FF is compatible with Olympus BX3 series (BX53, BX63) and IX3 series (IX53, IX73, IX83) microscopes.

Yes, you can purchase cubes from Optolong alone. you can select one or more cubes based on your specific application needs.

Each filter cube holds one Fluorescence Filter Set, which includes an excitation filter, emission filter, and dichroic mirror/beamsplitter.
Optolong could supply most popular filter cubes for big 4 microscopes such like Nikon,Olympus,Leica,Zeiss.

Fluorescence filter cubes are used in microscopes and other optical instruments. Their functions are:
Filtered light wavelengths: They selectively filter light at specific wavelengths, which is critical for fluorescence imaging.
Excitation and Emission: The cube includes an excitation filter to illuminate the sample at a specific wavelength, and an emission filter to allow only light emitted by the sample to pass through.
Enhanced imaging: By precisely filtering light, they enhance the contrast and clarity of fluorescence imaging, which is critical for detailed observation and analysis.