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Red Moon(Oct.8,2014)

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After chosen good location, we set up equipment, packed OPTOLONG ND filter, debugging good light, waiting for the rising of the moon.To clearly haven’t seen the expecting “red moon”, everyone was anxious to find “red moon”, finally to rest, we see a curved red crescent hanging in the gray sky, everybody’s mood were mobilized, pressing the shutter debugging good camera to capture this moment.Telescope under the red moon is very moving, you can see the sun sprinkled on it on the left side of the warm yellow glow, blending light and shade of orange red ball, like the Mid-Autumn festival with lotus-paste egg yolk.Slowly, the crescent is consumed, at this time the moon was completely into the earth’s shadow, very fresh.At 7:30, the moon began to recover, like a shy girl who stay friends, half-open half block to reveal the same good looks.Saith, the moon has take off in red, white gauze, has successfully completed the change this time.Persistent Yang holds the camera, shoot out of the bottle gourd skewers for everyone.Although the moongazing action can’t get a complete “red moon”, but friends for more beautiful scenery.


The red moon


Gourd skewers


The moon changes the whole process of dynamic figure, moment stunned friends?


Moongazing site at Jin Bao Mountain feet


Bright moon, the lake, green willow, fishing boats, city light, heart is drunk…



Works together enjoy the share of the dynamic figure, didn’t see the whole process of “red moon” junior partner to look over




After watching we shoot the red moon results, everybody must have a question: the red moon exactly is how to return a responsibility?
The cause of the red moon, is actually at the time of total eclipse of the moon, blocking the sun’s shining, the earth is only part of the sunlight hitting the moon after the refraction of the earth’s atmosphere, thus presented the phenomenon of “red moon”.

To see the “red moon”, must have two conditions:

1, the sunlight must penetrate the atmosphere
When sunlight from the side of the earth atmosphere, into the atmosphere from space, then, from the atmosphere into space again, during the two refraction, as the principle of light through the convex lens, bending of polymerization light towards the centre of the earth to the moon.If the earth without the atmosphere, we see is a “black moon”, in other words, can’t see the moon.But the earth’s atmosphere become a refraction, happened to get “pass” sunlight direction deflection, this part of the sun to the original “black moon”, so the moon has become beautiful and dream a lot.


2, the longer wavelength red light is not easy to the scattering of the earth’s atmosphere
Sunlight is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple mixed into all sorts of color of light.When is refracted through earth’s atmosphere is to the earth’s shadow behind, they are extremely small gas molecules in the atmosphere of the scattering and absorption.Yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet wait for color wavelengths is shorter, affected by the scattering in the atmosphere is bigger, most of them are scattered in all directions;The red light wavelengths longer, under the influence of scattering is not big, can through the atmosphere through out, behind the refraction to the earth’s shadow on the moon.Due to the long wavelength red light is not easy to the scattering of the earth’s atmosphere, so the total eclipse of the moon during becomes a copper.So, when the total lunar eclipse, we see the moon is dark red, the so-called “red moon.