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Visit the fuxian lake solar observatory(Nov.24,2014)

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Yunnan amateur astronomers association fans visited the sun observatory, the main station observation equipment is a new vacuum meter infrared solar telescope, formerly known as a meter infrared solar towers, mainly for the sun high resolution imaging, spectra and magnetic field observations.Other equipment includes: optical and infrared the sun burst monitoring telescope (nanjing university) and low frequency radio spectrometer.After visiting the solar observatory, observatory provides prominences mirror of astronomy enthusiasts alike observed the sun, in the process of the observation, bring the ETX125 association director, tie-in bud membrane, and then use the OPTOLONG (yu) linear polarization mirror to look at the sun, line polarizer is a tunable filter, used to adjust the light energy, make the light from the bright to the change of the dark, two sunspot group in the figure can be seen.

Fuxian lake scenery natural work, clear water, blue sky, the vast night sky, is the first choice for travel the holy land, and amateur astronomers film star.The activity, while feeling the power of science and technology, we are thinking to realize the sustainable development of astronomical science ability, will need to set up national astronomical science innovation system, and promote the construction of national astronomical science popularization ability.So how to improve our country’s astronomical science level and innovation ability, this is a problem worthy of thinking deeply.


The amateur astronomers association activities group photo


Fuxian Solar Observatory (FSO)


1 meter infrared solar telescope


1 meter infrared solar telescope inside"1米红外望远镜外观"

1 meter infrared solar telescope appearance, shaped like a snail’s shell


A radio telescope


Sunspots observation equipment


Observations of sunspots ETX125 + bud membrane+ OPTOLONG linear polarization mirror to look at the sun




OPTOLONG as yunnan astronomy enthusiasts association director, participated in the association’s annual meeting

【Literacy】1 meter infrared solar telescope
1 meter infrared solar telescope is a telescope, the floorboard of the terminal equipment and ancillary buildings.It is equipped with “one meter infrared solar telescope” (98 cm) the telescope effective diameter, vertical rotary spectrometer, high resolution observation equipment such as Ha telescope.

Telescope building a total of 4 layers, respectively for the data center, conference room, control center, spectrometer and optical laboratory.The top put a meter telescope and dome.

The telescope
Telescope effective diameter of 98 cm, Gregory optical system, a fixed focal length about 45 meters, the vacuum tube, Angle of view for 3 points.
Telescope equipped with a photo conductive lines system, photo conductive effective diameter of 45 mm lens.In conjunction with the photo conductive line, telescope tracking precision can be greatly improved.

The spectrometer
Spectrometer for vertical rotating truss structure, gross weight about 25 tons, weighing about 17 tons on the platform, driven by two motor through the friction wheel.As the telescope tracking, spectrometer with rotation, rotation to ensure that the image will not occur.

High resolution system
The system is a secondary imaging system.Through the use of Ha filter available Ha like the sun, also can replace titanium oxide filter to obtain white light.
(literacy content from Fuxian Solar Observatory)