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The Fifth Yunnan Amateur Astronomers Association Star Party(Dec.13,2014)

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December, 13 morning, the amateur astronomers association annual meeting in yunnan observatory.Lecture at the starry sky, popular science communication, and the manufacturer’s launch,it’s wonderful .As long as you have a yearning to the sky, and there will be a group of people to pursue with you.OPTOLONG is the group of a member of the group, OPTOLONG astronomical filters with high performance and quality for many amateur astronomers stargazing convenience, guide a lens “class” and “city” that watch new trend, in the industry won a good reputation.The announcement of a new OPTOLONG issued new L – Pro Filter, is expected in February 2015.


After lunch, we drove to long lake, more than 3 o ‘clock in the afternoon arrived in camp, fans on a tent, equipment, the tents of spectacular let friends are stunned.With night coming on, Start Party starts with a song of “meteor shower”, everyone was enthusiastic. Because the weather is ugly, Meteor shower didn’t come, but members of the lecture to share enthusiasm unabated, with minimum 10 years old, biggest 75 years old, and photography fans also actively to find the brightest star.


Play tired, went to burn!Missed the meteor shower, don’t miss to barbecue strip feast.Nearly four hundred people to barbecue strip feast, looking at is drunk.


In long lake camping for a night, the guys all get up early the next morning, the beautiful scenery of the long lake are worth to keep a few pictures.


Awesome star party.Next year, see you here!