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Stone Forest–Long Lake for Geminid meteor shower(Mar.14,2012)

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We, five people from Kunming Yulong Optical&Electronics Technology Co., took part in Star Party activity undertook by Yunnan Astronomy enthusiasts association in Stone Forest-Long Lake for Geminid meteor shower. It’s so amazing to attend such party.

When we arrived the camp site, there is group people—Yi ethnic minority dancing happily,seem to welcome our attending."Geminid-meteor-shower-2"

We assembled our prominence mirror, and so many people are interested in sun. They are very curious about something special in the sun to be exact.


Everyone was equiped with full telescope set for Geminid meteor shower, most of them are affectionate for star axle, scenery photograph, as well as Stars. The day, hundreds of tents there.


Geminid meteor shower photographed by Astronomer Enthusiasts Association member


Long Lake in Kunming, beautiful mountains and clear waters all the year round. In the sunlight, the lake looks more broad and clear blue water. It’s the best suitable place for bamboo raft, barbecue, campin, fishing, etc. Surrounding of Long Lake is an ideal camp site, they opened up a few special space for setting the tent.


Group picture for memory.