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New arrival Optolong 30016 FITC/AlexaFluor 488 Fluorescence Filter

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The Optolong 30016FITC-2 is ideal for routine fluorescence detection analysis, for transmitted light illumination systems/epi-fluorescence illumination systems, and for most applications requiring accurate color discrimination and high out-of-band blocking. Provides experiments with professional images with high brightness, high contrast and high resolution for the ultimate fluorescence observation.


Feedback from Customer:

LUMOS: High Brightness LED Fluorescent Light Source

High transmittance, high-brightness;

High-contrast, no crosstalk;

Wavelength stability without shifting;

Optolong 30016 can also be used in the detection of life morphology, medical tumor diagnosis (HER2) and other fields.

If you just need a fluorescence filter, why not try it at Optolong, the effect will eventually win your approval!