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  • Holiday Announcement of 2024 Spring Festival

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  • what is optical band pass filter

    What Is Optical Band Pass Filter & What Are BPS Used For?

    Introduction An Optical Band Pass Filter, often called a “color filter” or “spectral filter,” is a nifty device used in optics to allow specific wavelengths of light to pass through while blocking others. Imagine it as sunglasses for light! These filters are essential in various applications, from photography to scientific research. By selectively permitting only …
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  • how to design a optical band pass filter

    How To Design A Optical Band Pass Filter?

    Designing an Optical Band Pass Filter is a fascinating journey into manipulating light. This process involves crafting a filter that allows specific colors to pass through while blocking others. Whether you’re delving into photography or scientific research, this tool offers a creative way to shape light to your advantage.  By choosing transparent materials, selecting coatings, …
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  • what is an optical band pass filter used for

    What is an Optical Band Pass Filter Used For?

    Introduction In order to let one range of light wavelengths through while obstructing others, an optical band pass filter is a useful tool used in optics and photography. Only the desired colors or wavelengths are able to pass through these filters and reach the camera sensor or detector, acting as somewhat of a gatekeeper for …
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