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  • The Function of Dichroic Mirror in Fluorescence Microscopy

    The Function of Dichroic Mirror in Fluorescence Microscopy

    In fluorescence microscopy, dichroic mirrors are used to precisely separate light beams so that certain wavelengths of light are reflected and other wavelengths of light are transmitted. It not only enhances the imaging quality of fluorescence microscopy but also greatly expands its application scope. This article will explore the role of dichroic mirrors in fluorescence …
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  • dichroic mirror fluorescence microscope

    Function and purpose of dichroic mirror fluorescence microscope: where to used

    The dichroic mirrors play an important role in the mysteries of the microscopic world. One such application is in fluorescence microscopy, where dichroic mirrors serve as key components, enhancing the specificity and clarity of imaging. In this short article, we’ll describe the functions and purposes of dichroic mirror fluorescence microscopes as well as where to …
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  • XY-Chim2 PN33011 DAPI/Green/Orange,Olympus BX61

    Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy

    The primary filtering element in an epifluorescence microscope is the set of three filters housed in a fluorescence filter cube: the excitation filter, the emission filter, and the dichroic beamsplitter. …
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