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Frequently asked questions

Optolong multiband filters vary in price, but are generally considered to be a good value for money given their performance in optical instrument. The exact cost depends on the specific model and size of the filter, you can get a more accurate quote from Optolong.

The general specification diameter size of Optolong's multi band pass filter is 25 mm.

The blocking band range of Optolong's Tripleband Excitation Filter is generally between 200 and 1100nm. This wide range indicates that the filter is capable of blocking most of the spectrum outside its specific passband.

Multiband Filter: Allow multiple specific wavelengths to pass through at the same time. This makes them versatile for capturing various types of light in one exposure.

Single Bandpass Filters: Only allow one specific wavelength of light to pass through. They are more precise for isolating and capturing a particular type of light.