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32012 Dualband filter set Green/Orange

Part Number: 32012 Green/Orange           

Fluorophore Displayed:

Individual filters and filter sets (no cube)These filters sets contain individual filters. 

Type Size Part Number AOI Price
Dual Band Exciter φ25 x 5.0 mm 32012-BP480-560nm $-
Dual Band Emitter φ25 x 3.5 mm 32012-BP525-605nm $-
Dual Dichroic Mirror 36 x 25.7 x 1.05mm 32012-DM500-580nm 45° $-

High-Performance FISH dual band-Set Green/Orange, which contains dual bandpass excitation, emission (barrier) filters, and a dual dichroic mirror, can be used to stain Green and Orange FISH probes. with steep bandpass transitions between reflection and transmission regions, the dual excitations and emission signals are separated with minimal crossover interference.

Optical Specifications

Filter Type32012 Dualband filter set Green/Orange FISH Probes
Coating TypeHard Coating
Angle of Incidence0°±5°
Central BlockingOD>5
Cutoff BlockingOD>3
Blocking Band200~1100nm
Angle of Incidence0°±5°
Central BlockingOD>5
Cutoff BlockingOD>3
Blocking Band200~1100nm
Angle of Incidence45°±1°
Edge Wavelength500-580nm

General Filter Specifications

Diameter Dimensions25 mm
Diameter Tolerance (mounted)± 0.1 mm
EX Filter Thickness (mounted) 5.0 mm
EM Filter Thickness (mounted) 3.5 mm
Filter Thickness Tolerance (mounted)± 0.1 mm
Clear Aperture≥ 21 mm
DM Square Dimensions 36 x 25.7 x 1.05mm
DM Thickness(unmounted)1.05 mm
Thickness Tolerance (unmounted)± 0.1 mm
SubstratesFused Silica, B270
Compatible MicroscopesMost common Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica microscopes
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