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Application Industrial Detection

Industrial measurement is an untouchable technique to measure or detect. It involves measuring color, temperature, speed, distance. The requirement for measurement is its accuracy and frequency.

Industrial measurement is highly applied in industrial, national defense, surveying, and mapping, scientific research, teaching. For optical filters, the application we are dedicated to most is:

3D measurement

Laser scanning

Laser tracker

GPS inertial unites

LIDAR scanning

Laser inspection

At some extent, optical filters in these industrial applications are industrial filters. We are experienced in offering IR filter for these applications. Bandpass filters like 635nm, 650nm, 850nm, 905nm narrow bandpass filter from 30nm to 70nm are availiable in stock.

What could you get from the laser filters we offer:

High transmission to 99% according to the design.

Deep block and steep slop provide superior noise cancellation to ensure the pure output of laser from laser diode.

High damage threshold.

Get in touch with us and talking with us about your concern.