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  • Q: Optical Coating Filter Customization Options

    Customization Options:
    Bandpass position & width
    Blocking range & level
    Collaborative device engineering
    Substrate, size & shape
    Pixel-scale filter arrays
    Application-specific photodiodes & imagers
    Wafer level coatings …
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  • Optical Filters for Machine Vision System

    When designing a machine vision system, it is important to enhance the contrast of the inspected object’s features of interest.Filtering provides a simple way to enhance the contrast of the image while blocking out unwanted illumination. …
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  • The Optical Basics of Longpass and Shortpass Filters

    What are longpass filters?
    An optical filter which designed to transmit light with longer wavelengths while blocking light with shorter wavelengths, that is called longpass filters or highpass filters. (Normally used at AOI 0°) …
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  • Dichroic Mirrors Vs Beamsplitters: Understanding the Differences?

    What are dichroic mirrors?
    Dichroic mirrors known as cold mirrors are commonly used behind a light source to reflect visible light forward while allowing the invisible infrared light to pass out of the rear of the fixture. …
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  • What are optical bandpass filters?

    Optical Filters——Bandpass Filters Bandpass filters are optical filters that allow signals between two specific frequencies to pass, but that discriminates against signals at other frequencies. …
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  • Detailed explanation of the assembly steps of Optolong fluorescent cubes

    The fluorescence cube, commonly known as the stand, is the most critical microscope accessory in a fluorescence microscope. Our company has U-MF2 brackets for Olympus AX, BX2, IX2 series and U-FF for BX3, IX3 series, as well as Nikon brackets for sale. There are often customers who do not know how to install the filter …
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  • How to properly place filters in a fluorescence microscope optical system?

    Recently, some customers feedbacked that the filter is difficult to install. We take this opportunity to briefly understand the fluorescence filter sets, which include excitation filters, dichroic mirrors and emission filters. One filter each. In fact, it is really not difficult to install the filter correctly and use it normally. Do not believe? You can …
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  • Application Imaging or Photonics

    Industrial imaging is involved in many applications like engineering, detection, production, intelligence, transportation, robotics, security, and surveillance. Usually, optical filters are used to utilize enhancement and contrast. Filters are the key components in the industrial imaging system. Normally it is used in front of a CCD or CMOS sensor to protect the lens from dust …
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  • Application Industrial Detection

    Industrial measurement is an untouchable technique to measure or detect. It involves measuring color, temperature, speed, distance. The requirement for measurement is its accuracy and frequency. Industrial measurement is highly applied in industrial, national defense, surveying, and mapping, scientific research, teaching. For optical filters, the application we are dedicated to most is: 3D measurement Laser …
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  • Application Biomedical Imaging System

    Biomedical imaging is widely applied in biomedical instrument and medical device.Advanced medical imaging instrument or devices are with the latest technology and design. Optical filter play an important role in it as it is the critical part for imaging. The application include:EndoscopyLaparoscopyPoint Of CareOphthalmologyBeauty equipmentUltraviolet skin treatmentCancer diagnosis and treatment For the purpose of earlier …
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