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Biomedical Filter Introduction

Biomedical filters are the core components of biomedical and biochemical analyzer instruments. As the requirement of precise diagnoses and analysis, it requires narrowband interference filters.

For these narrow band interference filters, they pass a limited portion of light. Usually, bandwidth is limited to 8nm and 10nm. The light outside the interested area is blocked to above OD4. The wavelength for such kind of application is from 200nm to 1100nm.

Optolong biomedical filters are offered for clinical biomedical and biochemistry instruments such as Real time PCR, microplate reader, biochemistry analyzer, and other applications involved in analytical and detection.

ION-assisted deposition hard coating art is implemented in the coating process. This enables these filters with high transmission and deep blocking depth. It also limits the bandwidth to be within allowances like 8+/-2nm or 10+/-2nm.

With unique coating and processing, filters are durable with accurate spectrum control and economic. We support the filters from prototype to production. All are OEM service is acceptable.


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