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How to storage and cleaning Optical thin film coating filter !

All optical components are precision instruments component , especially optical thin film coating filter ,it’s surfaces are easily scratched . Improper cleaning and storage may damage the film/coating of the filter . So, correct maintenance is extremely important .

Now , we will talk about the small details that should be paid attention to when we using optical filters :

1. In the normal use process should be as careful as possible to take and put ,and pay attention to the external environment , to avoid clothing zippers ,buttons and other scratches to the filter, or put the filter in a dirty or dusty place .

2. Wear finger gloves when touching the filter to prevent salt and acid from corroding the surface of the filter .

3. Hold the edge of the filter in your hand when taking it off . Even if you are wearing a finger cap, do not touch the transparent surface of the filter .

4. The filter should be put on a soft and clean objects , not a glass,metal ,table or dirty paper .

5. Storage should be placed in a clean capacitor paper or dedicated lens cleaning paper wrapped .

Storage temperature is best around 23℃ or so , humidity is not higher than 40% . Better in a dry storage cabinet .

6. Clean surface as soon as you see stains . Because dust is easy to make the surface scraping ,and the acid material left by your fingers careless if it is stays too long , it’s easy to react with the surface coating material , thus becoming a permanent stain .

7. If there are stains or fingerprints on the surface, clean with anhydrous ethanol similar functional solvents . The specific method is as follows: put dust-free finger sleeve on the finger , soak the towel with anhydrous ethanol, drag the edge of the towel soaked with ethanol , and move in a single direction on the filter surface . Wipe as slightly as possible . Too much pressure can damage the filter surface . The purpose of using a solvent is to dissolve adhesive attachments from residues on the filter surface . 

8. Do not stack the filters together to avoid fraying .