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  • what is the wavelength range of DAPI filter

    What is the Wavelength Range of DAPI Filter? – Revealing the Secrets of Fluorescence Microscopy

    Introduction Fluorescence microscopy has significantly advanced biological research by enabling highly precise visualisation of complex cellular components. The DAPI filter, which is an essential element of fluorescence microscopy, is critical in catching and detecting particular wavelengths produced by fluorophores. In-depth discussion of the wavelength range of DAPI filters, their uses, and how they support cutting-edge …
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  • Excitation Filter

    What Type of Excitation Filter to Use?

    Introduction The quality and precision of your experiments or observations might be considerably affected by the excitation filter you use. In order to selectively transmit desired light wavelengths while blocking undesirable wavelengths, the excitation filter is essential. We will delve into the world of excitation filters in this post and examine the variables to take …
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