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  • How to Quantify Fluorescence

    How to Quantify Fluorescence Microscopy for Accurate Analysis

    Fluorescence microscopy is a powerful technique used in scientific research to visualize and study fluorescently labeled samples. The basics of fluorescence involve fluorophores absorbing light and then re-emitting it at a longer wavelength, creating a vibrant glow. This phenomenon plays a crucial role in various fields such as cell biology, neurobiology, and immunology.The importance of …
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  • Fluorescence microscopy filter

    The Feature and Performance of Tritc Wavelength in Fluorescence Microscopy

    Fluorescence microscopy has revolutionized the way we observe and understand the microscopic world, enabling researchers to explore the intricacies of cellular structures and molecular interactions. Among the various fluorophores available, Tritc (Tetramethylrhodamine Isothiocyanate) stands out for its unique features and exceptional performance in fluorescence imaging. Today we will explore the features and performance of Tritc …
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  • difference between fluorescence and raman spectroscopy

    Difference Between Fluorescence And Raman Spectroscopy

    Using light, two interesting techniques called fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy may expose the inner workings of molecules and materials. They differ in their methods of operation and the information they offer, but they have the same goal of harvesting photon power. We may more clearly think about their key distinctions as well as their unique …
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  • What are the applications of fluorescence filter?

    Fluorescence techniques are becoming widely used and more useful with improvements in both instrumentation and fluorescent reagents. Fluorescence has many practical applications, including failure analysis, analytical services, circuit board work, defect location, food safety, paper analysis, and more. The primary filtering element in most fluorescence instruments is the set of three filters housed in a fluorescence filter cube: the excitation …
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