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530nm Single band Emission Filter

Part Number: 30025-BP530nm

The 530/50nm Single band Emission Filter is part of PN 30025 FITC, the price listed is for standard sizes only diameter 25mm*3.5mm, Optolong also customized size(circle)φ4-φ50, size(square)55×55,3.5×3.5, welcome to contact for pricing if you need.

Type Size Part Number AOI Price
Single Band Exciter φ25 x 5.0 mm 30025-BP530nm $199

Optical Specifications

Filter Type530nm Single band Emission Filter 
Coating TypeHard Coating
Angle of Incidence0°±5°
Central BlockingOD>5
Cutoff BlockingOD>3
Blocking Band200~1100nm

General Filter Specifications

Diameter Dimensions25 mm
EX Filter Thickness (mounted) 5.0 mm
Diameter Tolerance (mounted)± 0.1 mm
Filter Thickness Tolerance (mounted)± 0.1 mm
Clear Aperture≥ 21 mm
Thickness Tolerance (unmounted)± 0.1 mm
SubstratesFused Silica, B270
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