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Detailed explanation of the assembly steps of Optolong fluorescent cubes

The fluorescence cube, commonly known as the stand, is the most critical microscope accessory in a fluorescence microscope. Our company has U-MF2 brackets for Olympus AX, BX2, IX2 series and U-FF for BX3, IX3 series, as well as Nikon brackets for sale.

There are often customers who do not know how to install the filter on the bracket, so they ask us to install the filter on the bracket before sending out. This saves time and energy for customers who do not change filters very often, and we are also happy to help customers solve problems. But if it involves the need to replace the filter, it is more troublesome to send it back to our company for reinstallation.

In fact, it is very simple to install. Let’s take U-MF2 as an example to illustrate the installation process of the entire filter with pictures. Let’s take a look.

1.Prepare tools: Fluorescence filter cube, emission filter, excitation filter, retaining ring, wrench for retaining ring slot.

2.Remove the screws from the cube, split the cube in half, set the screws aside for later reassembly.

3.Remove the screws and clamps securing the dichroic mirror.

4.Install the dichroic mirror, and install the clamps and screws.


(1) Install the dichroic mirror with the coated surface facing the excitation filter.

(2) When reinstalling the dichroic mirror holder, be careful to align the screw holes.

5.Bring the cube halves together and secure the screws.

6.Assemble the excitation filter and retaining ring, and use the retaining ring groove to tighten the retaining ring clockwise with a wrench.


(1) The retaining ring groove should be placed above the filter when installed.

(2) The rotating thread has an angle. When installing the emission filter retaining ring, be careful not to cross the thread.

7.Assemble the emission filter and retaining ring in the same way.

The installation of the fluorescence filter cube is complete.