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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19 and Optolong Optics

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has had and continues to have, an unprecedented impact around the world. In this challenging time, the safety of our employees, customers, and partners is Optolong’s highest priority. In the midst of so much uncertainty, Optolong is committed to doing our part to protect our teams and surrounding communities, while also striving to maintain the quality service you expect from us. That being said, we know our partners are likely to have questions during this trying time. This page will serve as a hub to provide answers. As the situation develops, more questions will be added to the list, so check back frequently.

Q: What precautions is Optolong taking to avoid the spread of COVID-19?

Answer: We have put in place several measures at each of our facilities, all meeting or exceeding the highest standards recommended by the CDC and government authorities, to ensure the welfare of our customers and employees. At this time, all employees who are able to have been instructed to work from home and collaborate virtually until further notice. Enhanced cleaning protocols and distancing requirements have been implemented in all Optolong facilities for the protection of employees remaining on site. These measures are intended to help reduce the spread of this outbreak, allowing for a swifter recovery and, most importantly, saving lives.

Q: What precautions is Optolong taking to ensure cleanliness of facilities and packaged products?

Answer: In addition to the aforementioned CDC standards implemented across all facilities, our teams are diligently deep cleaning daily and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when needed. That said, there are some additional measures that recipients can and should be taking to further mitigate any risk of exposure. NOTE: This is recommendation is not solely for our products but good precautionary practice for handing any goods shipped and received.· Wear protective equipment such as gloves.· Discard all packaging.· Do not touch your face.· Wash your hands after handling.

Q: What is Optolong doing to mitigate COVID-19’s impact on the supply chain?

Answer: We are currently taking the following measures to mitigate any disruption to our services:· Working with our production department to maintain normal production capacity.· Placing advanced orders for long lead time parts and components to reduce the risk of supply disruptions.· Using air freight to expedite the shipment of products to reduce the risk of local inventory issues.· Offering substitute products, where applicable, to offset product shortages.· Working closely with our distributors, agent, and key suppliers to anticipate and work around potential logistics issues, including capacity shortages.

Q: How will the adjusted shipping hours impact my order?

Answer: Our production department has shifted to a seven-day, 56-hour workweek, and ships orders over these extended hours Monday through Sunday. This means orders placed will be shipped in time, especially the in-stock products, standard products, fluorescence filter set, and Astronomical standard products/filters. So if you are planning on another purchase order, please make it in time, we will be here for you all the time.

Q: What do I do if I have more questions, need technical support and/or need to return something?

Answer: Team members across Optolong are ready and available to support you. They will be proactive in communicating, but, as always, please reach out to your sales contact, the customer care support team, or tech support, should you have any questions. Given the fluidity of the situation, we are closely monitoring all developments to actively respond wherever appropriate. We will keep you fully informed of any changes and remain available to you for any questions or concerns. You can access the latest information at The page can also be accessed via the banner at the top of the homepage. Knowing the character of our industry and teams, I am confident that we will get through this together and emerge even stronger. At its core, AV is about connecting people. Right now, we all play a role in enabling communication and collaboration globally while implementing the necessary precautions to stop the spread of this disease. Thank you for being part of the Optolong community. We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.


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