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Fluorescence filter is a key component widely used in biomedical and life science instruments. Its main function is to isolate and select the excitation band and emission band.
A typical fluorescence system has three basic filters: an exciter, an emitter, and a dichroic mirror.
The characteristics of fluorescence filters are deep cutoff, small auto-fluorescence, and good surface quality, which are beneficial to fluorescence imaging.

Therefore, it is better to use single-piece transparent glass as a substrate and two surfaces coating. However, most single-piece coating filters are high cost due to high difficulty in production. 

Optolong provides high-brightness and high-contrast fluorescence filter sets, coating on single-piece transparent glass.  

Characteristics of Optolong fluorescence filters : 

· Hard coating, double sided coating 

· High transmittance, high-brightness 

· OD>5 blocking, high-contrast , no crosstalk 

· Wavelength stability without shifting   


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