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  • OEM Capability

    Optical filters are the essential optical components of many applications. We served our client based on the application. The main application can be divided into three categories. Biotech instrument and analytical instrument which is highly related to life science and bio research. The instrument includes fluorescence microscope, PCR analyzer, Microplate Reader, Raman spectroscopies, invivo imager, …
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  • Why choose Optolongfilter

    Why choose OPTOLONG With a foundation history since 1999, OPTOLONG has been working and supporting our clients’ optical filter needs professionally. We keep satisfying our client’s requirements on high-volume OEM requirements or small quantity prototypes. With the company’s additional expansion, we moved to a new 2000 square warehouse and imported one new coating machine OTFC-1300 …
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  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19 and Optolong Optics

    What precautions is Optolong taking to avoid the spread of COVID-19? …
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  • How to order or how is the inquiry process?

    Sales FAQ
    Q: How to order or how is the enquiry process?
    A: There is two way to contact us. By mail and by phone. …
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  • Q: There is some problem with the product design. Could you help us to resolve the problem?

    With years of developing, we have much experience and own understanding of coating design according to different applications. There is much we could do for you.

  • Q: What is your lead time for filters?

    Standard fluorescence filter, astronomy filter can be sent the same day payment received. Other stock filters with different size can be sent within 7 days after payment confirmed. Normal OEM orders can be shipped within 15 days. Special OEM orders shipment time depends.

  • Waranty Information
  • Quality Policy

    Fluorescence filter is a key component widely used in biomedical and life science instruments. Its main function is to isolate and select the excitation band and emission band.A typical fluorescence system has three basic filters: an exciter, an emitter, and a dichroic mirror.The characteristics of fluorescence filters are deep cutoff, small auto-fluorescence, and good surface …
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