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  • Bandpass filters

    How Does a Beam Splitter Work in Optical Applications?

    What is a Beam Splitter? A beam splitter is an optical device that divides an incoming light beam into two or more beams, typically by reflecting a portion of the light and transmitting the rest. In general, beam splitters play a crucial role in various optical applications, enabling tasks such as interferometry, microscopy, and spectroscopy …
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  • Holiday Announcement of 2024 Spring Festival

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  • Ultra-Narrow Bandpass Filters

    How Do Work Ultra-Narrow Bandpass Filters[ Applications and Adavntage]

    The universe of optics is continually advancing, with consistently expanding requests for accuracy and precision. Super tight bandpass channels have arisen as an essential instrument for upgrading the exhibition of optical frameworks, offering the capacity to confine and communicate minute unearthly reaches with extraordinary accuracy. This blog digs into the complexities of these channels, revealing …
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  • UV filters

    What are the benefits and features of high-temperature-resistant UV filters?

    Shield your lens from harmful UV rays and extreme heat with a high-temperature-resistant UV filter. When protecting your camera lens, a UV filter is a must-have accessory, and the added feature of high-temperature resistance ensures durability and performance even in challenging environments.  This specialized filter blocks harmful UV light to enhance image clarity and sharpness …
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  • Optical Coating Filter Selection Guide

    Optical Coating Filter Selection Guide
    Many optical filters are used for the optical imaging system and are manufactured to be transparent; some used for light sources can be translucent. …
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  • XY-Chim2 PN33011 DAPI/Green/Orange,Olympus BX61

    Filters for Fluorescence Microscopy

    The primary filtering element in an epifluorescence microscope is the set of three filters housed in a fluorescence filter cube: the excitation filter, the emission filter, and the dichroic beamsplitter. …
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