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  • Holiday Announcement of 2024 Spring Festival

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  • Fluorescence microscopy filter

    The Feature and Performance of Tritc Wavelength in Fluorescence Microscopy

    Fluorescence microscopy has revolutionized the way we observe and understand the microscopic world, enabling researchers to explore the intricacies of cellular structures and molecular interactions. Among the various fluorophores available, Tritc (Tetramethylrhodamine Isothiocyanate) stands out for its unique features and exceptional performance in fluorescence imaging. Today we will explore the features and performance of Tritc …
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  • The Optolong executive team attended CIOE 2023

    The Optolong executive team attended CIOE 2023 – The 24th China International Optoelectronic Exposition – Sept. 6 – 8th in Shenzhen, China. …
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  • olympus microscope fluorescence filters

    Microscope Fluorescence Filters

    Microscope fluorescence filters are like a secret ingredient in a recipe, making your science shine. This guide demystifies them, explaining their parts, functions, and selection. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, these filters brighten your microscopy journey, unveiling the micro-world’s beauty. Components of Microscope Fluorescence Filters Microscope Fluorescence Filters are essential components for vibrant …
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  • nikon fluorescence filter cubes

    Fluorescence Filter Cubes: Lean Everything

    Fluorescence filter cubes are vital in microscopy, revealing hidden details. These cubes control light wavelengths for clear cell and tissue images. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, learning about them enriches your microscopy journey. Explore the unseen world! What is a fluorescence filter cube? A fluorescence filter cube is a crucial tool in microscopy …
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  • what is the purpose of the fluorescent filter cube turret

    What Is The Purpose Of The Fluorescent Filter Cube Turret?

    Introduction A fluorescence filter cube turret is an essential component in fluorescence microscopy, playing a pivotal role in enabling scientists to observe and study fluorescent specimens. It is a practical and user-friendly device that simplifies the process of selecting and switching between various filter sets, ultimately enhancing the quality of fluorescence imaging. What is a …
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