• what is a dichroic mirror

    What Is A Dichroic Mirror?

    A dichroic mirror is a special type that reflects certain wavelengths of light while allowing others to pass through. It’s like a filter for light. The mirror deposits thin layers of different materials onto a glass surface.  These layers are carefully designed to reflect specific light colors while transmitting others. This makes dichroic mirrors useful …
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  • what is an emission filter

    What is an emission filter?

    Using these filters, you can achieve vibrant colors, reduce glare, and create stunning photo effects. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, emission filters are a must-have in your camera bag.  Designers create these filters to be user-friendly, enabling easy experimentation with different settings to achieve desired results. With a wide range of …
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  • UV filters

    What are the benefits and features of high-temperature-resistant UV filters?

    Shield your lens from harmful UV rays and extreme heat with a high-temperature-resistant UV filter. When protecting your camera lens, a UV filter is a must-have accessory, and the added feature of high-temperature resistance ensures durability and performance even in challenging environments.  This specialized filter blocks harmful UV light to enhance image clarity and sharpness …
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  • dichroic-glass-filters

    Dichroic Glass Filter For Projector: Improve Projector Visuals

    Enhance the visual brilliance of your projector with a dichroic glass filter. A dichroic glass filter is perfect for impeccable color accuracy and stunning image quality. This specialized optical filter consists of multiple thin films deposited onto a glass substrate, allowing specific wavelengths of light to pass through while blocking others.  By separating and redirecting …
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  • Filter for flow cytometry

    Filter for flow cytometry

    Commonly used component for flow cytometers:
    Lasers illuminate

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  • uv shortpass filter

    Uv Shortpass Filter: Why Do You Need A Uv Filter For Your Lens?

    The UV shortpass filter is an important tool for photographers. It lets UV light pass through but blocks longer wavelengths. It improves clarity, color saturation, and reduces lens flare. It also protects the lens from dust, moisture, and scratches. This filter is easy to clean and useful for achieving high-quality photos. Photographers can capture better …
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  • 850nm bandpass filter

    What Is Bandpass Filter & Where To Find 850nm Bandpass Filter?

    A bandpass filter is an optical device that allows specific wavelengths of light to pass through while blocking others. Bandpass filters find applications in various fields, enhancing image quality, reducing noise, and improving optical performance. There are different types of bandpass filters, including interference and absorptive filters. These filters help isolate desired wavelengths, suppress unwanted …
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  • Optical filters

    What Are Optical Filters & What Does It Do?

    Optolong optical filter can customize what you requirement. Optical filters are crucial in various industries, from photography and astronomy to telecommunications and medical imaging. They are an essential component of optical systems, helping to enhance image quality, reduce unwanted light, and isolate specific wavelengths.  In this article, we will explore what optical filters are, their …
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  • reflective mirrors filter

    What is the reflective mirror?

    Half mirror is 50% reflection and 50% transmittance. It is also known as beam splitter.When talking about reflection, there is also a reference of single point reflection and wide band reflection.

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  • Optical Filter For Lidar Laser Sensors

    High transmission at the laser wavelength (>95%)
    Narrow bandwidths (<3nm to 40+ nm dependent on the system requirements) …
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