• The 11th Street Astronomical Night

    The 11th Street Astronomical Night(Apr.4,2015)

    On April 4, 2015, the 11th street astronomical night  held in Green Lake of Kunming, sponsored by the amateur astronomers association of yunnan province, OPTOLONG as the trustee of the amateur astronomers association sponsors this activity.Yunnan amateur astronomers association set the most heavyweight astronomical telescope – caliber 40 centimeters “mobile” observatory for public viewing “red …
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  • Messier Marathon Trip to Make Track for Stars

    Messier Marathon Trip to Make Track for Stars(Mar.21,2015)

    On March 21, 2015, Llijiang Gaomeigu of Yunnan,stargazers from Taiwan, Beijing and yunnan gathered here, engaged in a stars chasing journey racing to the time – messier marathon communication meeting.In astronomical circle, there is a love, even travelling mountains, even stay up late, as long as able to chase the stars footprint, fans willing to …
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  • OPTOLONG-Jinshan-Ecological-Garden

    OPTOLONG Annual Staff Trip to Jinshan Ecological Garden(Feb.19,2015)

    Team, promote you to go farther! The main task of the annual meeting , is rich and colorful community activities and outdoor development training, table tennis, and kicking shuttlecock, bound foot race, guess what, chess, tug-of-war, rock climbing.These activity, we all have fun and relax, activities also promote the feelings between people.OPTOLONG is a warm …
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    OPTOLONG ND5 Filters Test By View the Sun(Jan.26,2015)

    OPTOLONG ND5 Filters Test By View the Sun …
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  • start_Party

    The Fifth Yunnan Amateur Astronomers Association Star Party(Dec.13,2014)

    December, 13 morning, the amateur astronomers association annual meeting in yunnan observatory.Lecture at the starry sky, popular science communication, and the manufacturer’s launch,it’s wonderful .As long as you have a yearning to the sky, and there will be a group of people to pursue with you.OPTOLONG is the group of a member of the group, …
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  • hezhao

    Visit the fuxian lake solar observatory(Nov.24,2014)

    Yunnan amateur astronomers association fans visited the sun observatory, the main station observation equipment is a new vacuum meter infrared solar telescope, formerly known as a meter infrared solar towers, mainly for the sun high resolution imaging, spectra and magnetic field observations.Other equipment includes: optical and infrared the sun burst monitoring telescope (nanjing university) and …
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  • Messier

    Messier Marathon Observation Activity(Nov.11,2014)

    The observatory’s radio telescope Astronomical science telescope Prominence mirror The prominence of observation Prominence taken under the sun MengXian Bao teacher share astronomical knowledge to lovers OPTOLONG amateur astronomers Lovers tent for a feast to Star (Star Party) Night sky radio telescope – by OPTOLONG Leo Yang Messi marathon family

  • costomer_visit

    Customers to visit our company’s factory(Sept.18,2014)

    OPTOLONG asked the quality department in strict accordance with the inspection plan and inspection procedures to spot-check product,in order to ensure the high quality of products.Although customers in the recognition of company quality control system, they also put constructive suggestions to OPTOLONG.Customer’s visit, can reflect the competitiveness of the company, customer recognition was a driving …
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  • Red Moon

    Red Moon(Oct.8,2014)

    After chosen good location, we set up equipment, packed OPTOLONG ND filter, debugging good light, waiting for the rising of the moon.To clearly haven’t seen the expecting “red moon”, everyone was anxious to find “red moon”, finally to rest, we see a curved red crescent hanging in the gray sky, everybody’s mood were mobilized, pressing …
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  • Astronomical-Filters

    Reject Light Pollution – Astronomical Filters(Aug.2,2014)

    The article “astronomical filters—— reject light pollution” was written by him and published in the national famous astronomy magazine “the astronomer” in March 2014.The article illustrate the love and hate entanglements about urban light pollution and astronomical filters. Below picture,the left first one is Leo Yang, and the right first one is chairman of the …
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