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  • Messier

    Messier Marathon Observation Activity(Nov.11,2014)

    The observatory’s radio telescope Astronomical science telescope Prominence mirror The prominence of observation Prominence taken under the sun MengXian Bao teacher share astronomical knowledge to lovers OPTOLONG amateur astronomers Lovers tent for a feast to Star (Star Party) Night sky radio telescope – by OPTOLONG Leo Yang Messi marathon family

  • costomer_visit

    Customers to visit our company’s factory(Sept.18,2014)

    OPTOLONG asked the quality department in strict accordance with the inspection plan and inspection procedures to spot-check product,in order to ensure the high quality of products.Although customers in the recognition of company quality control system, they also put constructive suggestions to OPTOLONG.Customer’s visit, can reflect the competitiveness of the company, customer recognition was a driving …
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  • Red Moon

    Red Moon(Oct.8,2014)

    After chosen good location, we set up equipment, packed OPTOLONG ND filter, debugging good light, waiting for the rising of the moon.To clearly haven’t seen the expecting “red moon”, everyone was anxious to find “red moon”, finally to rest, we see a curved red crescent hanging in the gray sky, everybody’s mood were mobilized, pressing …
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  • Astronomical-Filters

    Reject Light Pollution – Astronomical Filters(Aug.2,2014)

    The article “astronomical filters—— reject light pollution” was written by him and published in the national famous astronomy magazine “the astronomer” in March 2014.The article illustrate the love and hate entanglements about urban light pollution and astronomical filters. Below picture,the left first one is Leo Yang, and the right first one is chairman of the …
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  • Starparty-2012-1

    Amateur Astronomers Starparty (Aug.15,2012)

    Landscape photography in Dongchuan natural scenery—–Great feelings Nebular pictures below are took by one of our members, using LRGB filter series. H-alpha Filter result.                                   H-alpha Sun Prominence photography.

  • Amateur-Astronomers-Starparty-2012-5

    2012 Amateur Astronomers’–Landscape Starparty(Aug.16,2014)

    The activity mainly sponsored by Beijing Planetarium and “Amateur astronomer” magazine, undertook by Yunnan Stargazers Association. This event will invite the top amateur astronomers, astronomical experts, popular science teacher at home and abroad to join the participation. We choose Dongchuan landscape for astronomical equipment operation, observation guide, sky photography, and photogrpahy experience communication. We do …
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  • venus-transit-the-Sun-2012-2

    Venus Transits the Sun(Jun.7,2012)

    The last time venus transit in 6 June, 2012 in the century has gonna be finished. This venus transit begin from 06:10, which the last about more than six hours. The previous transit occurred in 2004, and next time we can see the venus transit until 2117. Here is the photo of our company seeing …
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  • alibaba-assessed-supplier-1

    Congratulations That We Have Passed Supplier Assessment Report audited by Bureau Veritas(May,22.2012)

    Bureau Veritas was established in 1828, headquartered in Paris, France, it is one of the worlds most widely recognized authorities in the certification industry. As an international group, Bureau Veritas specializes in providing services in inspection, analysis, audit, and certification of products and infrastructures as well as commerce-based management systems. It amis to deliver truthful …
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  • China-International-Optoelectronic-Exposition-CIOE

    Yulong will be at 14th CIOE from September 6 to 9,2012(Sept.4,2012)

    The China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) is a worldwide renowned exhibition, which presents the most advanced optoelectronic technologies and innovations. The 14th CIOE (CIOE2012) will once again be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, from September 6 to 9, 2012 over a total exhibition area of 100,000 sqm. It will comprise four concurrent …
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  • Geminid-meteor-shower-1

    Stone Forest–Long Lake for Geminid meteor shower(Mar.14,2012)

    We, five people from Kunming Yulong Optical&Electronics Technology Co., took part in Star Party activity undertook by Yunnan Astronomy enthusiasts association in Stone Forest-Long Lake for Geminid meteor shower. It’s so amazing to attend such party. When we arrived the camp site, there is group people—Yi ethnic minority dancing happily,seem to welcome our attending. We …
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